Saturday, April 10, 2010

Convert an image to pdf with cupsfilter

cupsfilter -f /Photo/sample.jpg -o  /Photo/0001bt9a.pdf > /Photo/Test.pdf

To get the notmal size of the image in pdf document its resolution has to be set to screen resolution,
otherwise the image will be too small.

There are 2 methods of converting to pdf in OSX.
The first is the unix pstopdf
The second is Mac OS X 10.5.3 Quartz PDFContext
The second is far more efficient producing files around 40% of the size of the first.

cupsfilter info: reference


  1. Thanks for uploading this tutorial. However, do you have any video tutorial so that I can understand it better? I am working on a project now and I need to get this up and running... I was wondering if anyone can help me out about this, I badly need help. thanks in advance.

    Image Convert

  2. Hello, Sasha!
    I'm sorry to have missed your comment.
    Unfortunately, I don't have video tutorial.


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