C# libraries

MEF or Managed Extensibility Framework - System.ComponentModel.Composition

It allows you to decouple your components pretty easily and it supports various component discovery scenarios, and enables you to write better frameworks.

Reactive Extensions and LINQ To Events – System.Reactive

Reactive Extensions will soon become the de-facto for writing asynchronous code in a declarative manner .NET Rx gives greater freedom to compose new events – you can create specific events out of general events.

Parallel Extensions and Tasks - System.Threading.Tasks

Dynamic Extensions - System.Dynamic

C# 4.0 introduced dynamic capabilities (duck typing) capabilities. There are a number of scenarios where the dynamic features can really simplify things for you. For example, let us assume a Reflection based scenario where you load a type (from an external assembly or so) to invoke a member, or think about a dynamic fluent wrapper on top of XML or JSON.

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