C++ links

STLport is a copy of the STL library that works with most C++ compilers
Loki is a library of flexible design pattern implementations. The companion library to the book "Modern C++ Design", which introduces "Policy-Based" design.
Poco is a powerfull open source C++ class libraries for building network and internet-based applications that run on desktop, server and embedded systems.
Boost is a collection of C++ libraries that never made it into the standard.
Some free compilers:
Visual Studio Express Editions
Visual Studio Toolkit 2003
Platform SDK for XP SP2
Microsofts free Visual Studio compilers - Identical to the commercial product. Now Microsoft is oftering the whole product line in an 'express' version, IDE, compilers and all! Free!
Digital Mars Compilers
Digital Mars produces compilers for C,C++,and D. Free versions are available, and the C++ compiler is the fastest compiler (as in the time required to compile something) I've used.
Intel Compilers
Intel produces an optimized vectorizing compiler free for non-profit use. Supports OpenMP.
The GCC compiler for windows.
An IDE for GCC, and other compilers
Another free cross-platform IDE.

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