Monday, February 20, 2012

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One of the great things about modern web development is that we have so many useful tools and frameworks that not only help take the drudgery out of coding, but also make sure you get started coding the right way. One example is the new HTML5 Boilerplate 3.0 released just last week, and Favbulous offers a roundup of 6 Useful Web Development Boilerplates for HTML email, mobile web apps and more.
Another new release is the JavaScript framework Modernizr 2.5, which is designed to simplify feature detection and make sure your site runs smoothly in all browsers.
If you prefer something like Backbone.js, but want to make sure you’re using it right, check out Backbone patterns by Rico Sta. Cruz.
Similarly, Marlon Grech at C# Disciples demonstrates MVVM in the web world using Knockout.js.
Another week, another dust-up in the web standards world: now that the IE6-compatibility issues are almost vanquished, the ubiquity of WebKit has raised news issues. Daniel Glazman has issued a Call for Action and you can read further commentary about these issues from .net magazinePeter van der ZeeAaron GustafsonBruce LawsonRemy Sharp Ian Elliot and Chris Heilmann.
Speaking of prefixes and CSS browser weirdness, Paul Irish tackles the issue of widths and padding and suggests some universal border box sizing tweaks that will simplify your life. Even with jQuery.
Here’s some potentially handy CSS trivia: What’s the Maximum Z-Index? Michael Mahemoff shows you how Z-index works in the popular browsers and how you might even use it to do some tricky browser detection.
Getting back to frameworks, how about some jQuery? Dan Wahlin offers a handy tip for Defining a Context When Using Selectors and Ben Howdle provides A Beginner’s Guide To jQuery-Based JSON API Clients at Smashing Magazine.
If you find these frameworks exciting and want even more advanced features and greater challenges, James Ward introduces you toNext Gen Web Apps with Scala, BlueEyes, and MongoDB. The future is now. Don’t wait.
Maybe you just want the quiet life, though – simple HTML and CSS you can wrap your head around and be done. Well WebInterfaceLab has a small-but-growing library of free HTML5 & CSS3 snippets you can use.


HTML5 boilerplate
svg.js - A lightweight JavaScript library for manipulating and animating svg 

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