Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Current State of Python Packaging

Note: this is a draft description, to be updated...

Packages: Distribute, Easy_install, PIP...

Installation process on Mac OS 10.5.8 with Python 2.5 - Python 3.2

Default version of pip is installed into Python 2.5 path.
This is an installation process of pip 3 version.

PIP can be installed with:
- standalone packet from command line 
- easy_install which is installed with Distribute: Distribute ->  Easy_install  ->  PIP

Common pip installation process:

  1. Download the last pip version from here:
  2. Uncompress it
  3. go to the uncompressed pip directory and execute: python3 install
  4. Add your python to the $PATH (if necessary)

Install pip with Easy_installer

(from windows forum)

  1. Download the latest easy_installer for Windows: (download the .exe at the bottom of ). Install it.
  2. Install PIP from easy_installer ( )

Pip 3 version installation with Distribute (Distribute is a fork of the Setuptools project)
  1. Install Distribute
  2. easy_install pip
  3. PIP usage:

Distribute documentation: 


Review of packages:

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