Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prism, Composite Application Guidance, CompositeWPF: общие положения

Общие положения и материал для освоения:


Документы и исходники:



Блог, посвященный Enterprise Patterns:

Статья в MSDN:

Inject Some Life into Your Applications—Getting to Know the Unity Application Block
You Can Depend On Patterns and Practices
Dependency injection
Patterns For Building Composite Applications With WPF
Tame Your Software Dependencies for More Flexible Apps

CAG for WPF and it's components:

Stock trader UI composition:

Порядок иницициализации WPF приложения с контейнером и Prism (componentWPF)

Serive locator и Dependency injection, входящие в состав Unity:

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